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SWAN 240 Concept Development by AVI Aircraft*

Features, Specifications, and Options for SWAN 240 ULM:

SWAN two seats is an ultralight aircraft manufactured in moulds from modern composite materials: high modules carbon or glass fiber with epoxy resin using vacuum and thermal treatment.

Foldability features

- each wing can be folded by removing 3 screws

- horizontal and vertical stabilizers can be folded by removing 3 screws each;

- back part of the fuselage can be folded by removing 3 screws;

- full disassembly of the aircraft can be done in less than 10 minutes by 1-2 persons.

SWAN two seats dimensions when folded: 

4 m long x 1.8 m width x 1.9 m height

SWAN 240 folded at aero expo

Special customised trailer made to transport SWAN two seats: 

4.2 m long x 2 m width x 2 m height 

There are three variants of SWAN two seats in order to comply with the new european rules where MTOW can be from 450 kg to 600 kg (depending of the national rules of each member state) and also with LSA rules in USA (light sport aircraft). 

The standard empty weight of this variants is different because the internal structure of the aircraft is different, to match +4G/-2G for each MTOW.

Beside SWAN's name, each variant has a number showing the standard empty weight of that particular variant. 

SWAN 240 is the variant with the standard empty weight of 240 kg and MTOW up to 480 kg.

SWAN 270 has a standard empty weight of 270 kg and MTOW up to 540 kg.

SWAN 300 has a standard empty weight of 300 kg and a MTOW  of 600 kg.

Each particular two seats SWAN can have a slightly different empty weight than the number after SWAN's name, depending of the options on the particular aircraft.


SWAN 240 first version at AERO Friedrichshafen Expo, Germany,  2019

SWAN 240 Options and Prices*:

-weight: + 15 kg;

-weight: + 3 kg;

-weight: - 0.6 kg;

-weight: + 0.4 kg;

-weight: 0.4 kg;

-weight: + 0.3 kg;

- weight: +1.3 kg;

-weight: + 1.2 kg;

-weight: + 6.5 kg;

-weight: + 0.7 kg;

-weight: + 1.1 kg;

-weight: + 0.6 kg;

-weight: + 0.8 kg;

-weight: + 1.5 kg;

-weight: + 4.6 kg;

-weight: + 4.2 kg;

-weight: + 3.3 kg;

*SWAN 240 has not been released yet. The mentioned prices and specifications are only for reference. Release is expected in late 2024.