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The newest aircraft by AVI Aircraft,  DRACULA, now available for purchase! 

Performance packaged in an ultralight form

With a low-wing airframe, DRACULA is your perfect companion when it comes to ultralight adventures.

Available with both internal combustion 

and electric powertrains.

AVI Aircraft's e-DRACULA (electric version)

Specifications, Options and Prices for DRACULA:

DRACULA variants:

DRACULA Standard Version Features:

Foldability features

- each wing can be folded by removing 1 screw

- horizontal and vertical stabilizers can be folded by removing 2 screws each;

- back part of the fuselage can be folded by removing 2 screws;

- full disassembly of the aircraft can be done in less than 10 minutes by 1-2 persons.


e-DRACULA by AVI Aircraft at Mondial de l'ULM, Blois, France

DRACULA 120 (combustion engine)

e- DRACULA dashboard

Technical Specifications for DRACULA (standard version) :

*actual empty weight will depend on the Dracula variant selected

DRACULA Standard Version

Combustion engine options for DRACULA:

Going electric!

(the batteries are not included in the price).

Electric propulsion specifications:

e-DRACULA preparing for flight

Landing Gear Optional Features and Prices for DRACULA:

More details about DRACULA:

Special Road Trailer designed for transport of  DRACULA aircraft:


e-DRACULA disassembled in Special Road Trailer

Did you know that you can take


 wherever you want

 with its own compact, 

custom-built  Special Road Trailer?