About AVI Aircraft, 

part of AVI Group

Member of LAMA (Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association)   Call AVI Aircraft: 004 0722 534 430

With more than 35 years of experience in the field of  aviation and composite materials, 

AVI Group has built a solid reputation based on responsiveness to customer demands, 

offering advanced technical and economical design solutions, 

implementing customers' ideas and quality series production.

AVI Aircraft, part of AVI Group, is producing multiple models of one and two-seater ultralights (ULMs), as well as developing high range and performance UAVs, both in octocopter and fixed-wing OPV (Optionally Piloted Vehicle) configurations. 

Our main production facility is located in Tancabesti (near Bucharest Airport), with a new factory being scheduled to open in 2024, increasing  production capabilities by more than threefold.

We are channeling our entire energy towards the continuous improvement of the quality of the products and manufacturing processes, as a natural consequence the development of the product range and the expansion of the production capacities

We take into account, at the same time, the constraints of the delivery terms. 

SWN 120 ULM picture

SWAN 120 ULM, produced by AVI Aircraft 

AVI Headquarter in Craiova, Romania

AVI Group Headquarters, Craiova, Romania

AVI Group, Romania

AVI Group is renowned for producing a diverse array of industrial products catering to various sectors, including tram, train, and subway construction, automotive manufacturing, and the nautical industry. Our expertise extends to the creation of items for general use, such as sanitary ware, mailboxes, and art objects. Leveraging our proficiency in composite production, AVI Piscine offers an extensive range of swimming pools, exemplifying our commitment to quality and innovation across multiple industries.

By using the latest technologies, but also especially by the exceptional quality of the executed products, AVI Group has established itself on the profile market, as evidenced by its customers, including prestigious companies such as Bombardier or Alstom.

Currently,  we have three facilities totaling 4,800 m²  on an area of  20,000 m².

AVI Group Headquarter in Craiova, Romania
AVI Aircraft premises in Tancabesti, Bucharest, Romania

AVI Group premises, Craiova, Romania

Our journey

With  a strong and substantial academic background in aviation, along with a prestigious teaching experience, Mr. Radu Berceanu - AVI Group's CEO - starts developing AVI Group's aviation division in 2015. This  was the moment AVI Aircraft was launched, the leading Romanian ultralight manufacturer.

Production started gradually, featuring the first AVI Aircraft ULM model, SWAN 120. Our trail-blazing model was designed to be reliable and comfortable, whilst keeping its affordability

As the years passed, AVI Aircraft's production of ULMs has greatly expanded and our engineering team mastered the skills needed to give customers the best quality. 

Meanwhile, the best equipment was acquired to have efficient production rates, while maintaining the high quality and looks of SWAN 120 ULM.

In 2017, we expanded our production line by introducing the electric version of the SWAN 120, known as the E-SWAN 120, at the AERO Friedrichshafen Expo in Germany. This innovative foldable ultralight aircraft features advanced electric propulsion, reflecting our commitment to eco-friendly aviation. More versions and configurations of the SWAN and E-SWAN 120 have been released ever since.

Additionally, we developed the DRACULA 120, available in both electric and combustion engine versions, demonstrating our versatility in meeting diverse regulatory and performance standards. 

Recently, we have begun research and development for drone and OPV models, as well as new ultralights, continuing our legacy of innovation and excellence in the aerospace industry. 

SWAN 120 by AVI Aircraft, at AERO Friedrichshafen, 2015

AVI Aircraft is member of  LAMA 

(Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association)


...and AVI Aircraft's vision for the future

AVI Aircraft  was created not only to provide the best solutions and services to aircraft design and production for our customers, but also to bring contribution to the future of aviation.  Imagining  innovative concepts  and bringing them to life is our most desired dream.

Today we can design a more efficient and safe aircraft,  as the software and computers offer us simulation capacities able to replace the old and expensive wind-tunnels used so far. 

We get excited about each and every one of our projects and give our best for each one. 

AVI Aircraft's goal is to make transport and mobility sustainable for us and for future generations, to find and achieve new ways in which we are providing answers to the challenges of today and tomorrow.