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Stock images for DRACULA 120 - February 2023

Stock images for SWAN 103 - Part 103 compliant version designed for US customers - May 2022

Stock images for SWAN 120 ULM - January 2022 

2021 October, ULM Info Magazine cover and article

2021 September, Blois, France - LAUNCHING e-SWAN ELECTRIC FOLDABLE ULM, Interview 

2021 April - Social Media Milestone 

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2018 Vol Moteur ULM + LSA  Magazine Cover and Article

2018 Germany, AERO Friedrichshafen, Interview with Mr. Radu Berceanu, President & Owner AVI Aircraft

In this 2018 interview you will find the most important technical details, concepts and vision for SWAN 120 ULM, SWAN 240 ULM and E-SWAN ULM, directly from the President, Head Designer and Owner of AVI Aircraft. 

*The interview was realised by Mr. Dan Johnson and published on Light Sport and Ultralight Flyer YouTube Channel.

Dan Johnson is Chairman of the Board/President of LAMA, the Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association since 2006. He also serves on LSA’s F.37 Executive Committee for ASTM International. Honored by the LSA industry . Dan Johnson has been called “the leading reviewer of light-sport aircraft.” He has evaluated nearly 400 aircraft in several aviation magazines and online. A 5,500-hour Commercial, Instrument, Multi-Engine Pilot and former Certified Flight Instructor, Dan’s focus today is on Light-Sport Aircraft, light kit aircraft, and ultralight aircraft.

2017, Flügel das Magazin- Article