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The newest aircraft by AVI Aircraft, DRACULA, now available for purchase!

Performance packaged in an ultralight form

With a low-wing airframe, DRACULA is your perfect companion when it comes to ultralight adventures.

Available with both combustion

and electric powertrains.

AVI Aircraft's e-DRACULA (electric version)

Specifications, Options and Prices for DRACULA:

DRACULA variants:

  • For our US customers, the DRACULA 103 variant is specifically designed to meet Part 103 regulations.

  • The European market requirements will be met by DRACULA 120, taking full advantage of the weight restrictions currently present in most European countries.

  • DRACULA 140 will be however the best option for French pilots, as the French regulations permit higher weights, allowing us to further optimize the airplane.


DRACULA Standard Version Features:

  • Airframe manufactured, using vacuum formed and thermally treated parts from carbon fiber /glass fiber with epoxy resin.

  • Aviation raw materials provided by German suppliers.

Foldability features:

- each wing can be folded by removing 1 screw;

- horizontal and vertical stabilizers can be folded by removing 2 screws each;

- back part of the fuselage can be folded by removing 2 screws;

- full disassembly of the aircraft can be done in less than 10 minutes by 1-2 persons.


  • Canopy tilts to right. To ensure easier access, instrument panels lifts along with canopy.

  • Adjustable rudder pedals, for pilots between 1,50 m and 2,0 m tall.

  • Pilot and luggage maximum weight = 116 kg.

  • Adjustable Kevlar ergonomic pilot seat, positioned under the aircraft center of gravity (aircraft balance doesn't change no matter the weight of the pilot). Pitch trim is not needed.

DRACULA by AVI Aircraft at Mondial de l'ULM, Blois, France

  • POLINI THOR 303 Engine: 2 stroke, 38 HP, liquid cooled, dual spark, helicoidal teeth in oil bath with 1 : 3,2 reduction ratio, counterbalanced shaft to reduce vibration, electric starter, centrifugal clutch www.polinithor.com/en/ .

  • E-PROPS carbon propeller 1,5 m diameter e-props.fr/ .

  • Front landing gear manufactured from 7075 aviation aluminium alloy with 4.00 - 4" (300 mm diameter x 100 mm width) plastic wheel, Veloce tire and SHIMANO hydraulic brake.

  • Main landing gear manufactured from glass fiber/epoxy resin, with 4.00 - 4" plastic wheels and Veloce tires, no braking system.

  • Minimum take off distance: 90 m

  • 15 m passage: 180 m

  • Maximum crosswind: 30 km/h

  • Climb rate: 3 m/s

  • Cruise speed: 130-150 km/h

  • Max speed: 170 km/h

  • Fuel tank (for combustion engine version): 30 l

  • Endurance with fuel reserve: 450 km

  • Lift-to-drag ratio: 10 (at 85 km/h)

e- DRACULA dashboard

Technical Specifications for DRACULA (standard version) :

  • Wing span: 6.860 m

  • Wing area: 10.28 m²

  • Length: 4.870 m

  • Height: 1.950 m

  • Wheel base: 1.450 m

  • Empty weight, without parachute: 120 kg *

  • Empty weight, with parachute: 125 kg*

  • Maximum take-off weight: 250 kg

  • Load factors: +4G/ -2G

*actual empty weight will depend on the Dracula variant selected

Buy DRACULA Standard Version

for only

36,000 (VAT included)

Engine and propelers details of DRACULA

Combustion engine options for DRACULA:

  • Polini Thor 303 engine (base engine):

    • two stroke

    • 38 hp

    • 27 kg weight

    • 8000 rpm

  • Swissauto 250 4T modified:

    • four stroke

    • 36 hp

    • 27 kg

  • Briggs & Straton injection:

    • 35 hp

    • 29 kg

Going electric!

Electric propulsion specifications:

  • Engine power:

    • 23 kW peak

    • 18 kW continuous ( only 7kW required for level flight)

    • 100 V

  • Batteries:

    • 4 batteries of 2.66 kWh each with integrated BMS (12 kg each)

    • Battery charger rated 230 V/16 A (2.5kg), charges from 25 to 100% in 4.5 hours

    • One set of batteries lasts for more than 1 hr. of regular flight.

    • Battery set can be quickly swapped with another one for longer flying sessions. (extra battery pack purchased separately)


    • €36,000 (VAT included)

    • Base price is the same as for the combustion engine version

(the batteries are not included in the price).

e-DRACULA preparing for flight

Landing Gear Optional Features and Prices for DRACULA:

  • DRACULA can be supplied with carbon or Zicral main gear.

  • Each choice is suited to different types of flights, as the slightly heavier metal landing gear supporting better the torsion forces, in particular during the sliding landings.

More details about DRACULA:

  • The rudders have an adjustment range of 30 cm, while the seat can be adjusted up to 15 cm in height.

  • The cabin is suited for all body sizes - up to 2m and 130 kg.

  • The cabin is fully closed and made out of carbon fiber, with a tilting canopy to the right.

  • DRACULA 140 has incremented electric flaperons as standard:

    • position 0: -6° for fast flight

    • position 1: 0° for cruise flight

    • position 2: 10° for takeoff

    • position 3: 20° for landing

Special Road Trailer designed for transport of DRACULA aircraft:

  • mass of less than 500 kg

  • completely closed

  • delivered with a spare wheel

  • its two-part tailgate acts as an access ramp.

Price for Special Road Trailer:

  • 3,500 (including tax)

  • E-PROPS carbon propeller 1,5 m diameter ( e-props.fr/)

e-DRACULA disassembled in Special Road Trailer

Did you know that you can take


wherever you want

with its own compact,

custom-built Special Road Trailer?